Saturday, August 23, 2008

Men ARE From Mars

Quite simply put, this all happened in one, eight hour period this week.

A call came about a man in the "Ladies Room". He simply walked through the wrong door.

A man wearing leather chaps was standing in line to purchase his book. This caused calls back and forth throughout the store with uproarious laughter in the background. Because, not only was he wearing chaps but he was wearing loose fitting jeans which caused his pants to poof out at the rear over the chaps giving the illusion of a diaper.

A young man walks into the store and straight to the restrooms. He comes out wearing a neon orange gorilla suit. Why? He was immediately escorted from the store. It's just not a good idea to conceal your identity in a retail store.

Wacky Wednesday.

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Nicole Maddock said...

A neon gorilla suit?! That reminds me. As a student, I was diligently studying at the library when, all of a sudden, Poppa Smurf runs bollowing through the computer area.

Seriously, a little person wearing a Poppa Smurf outfit, complete with white beard and blue face.

Just goes to show you, libraries and books stores aren't quiet introspective places, but places where crazy things happen, sometimes everyday.