Saturday, July 19, 2008

Books aren't just for reading anymore!

Did you know that books aren't just for reading anymore? While I do like to get some reading in from time to time (all the time!), I'm also guilty of using books in other, and in some eyes possibly blasphemous, ways. I've used books as coasters, risers and even door jams. But, did you ever imagine that books could be used to make furniture?

Boing Boing recently posted about his wonderful chair, created by artist David Karoff.

Mr. Karoff is not alone in his genius. I did some searching and discovered other innovative people making furniture with books. Artist Jim Rosenau has a whole website featuring his bookish furniture. He created this beautiful bookshelf and you can check out his other creations at This Into That. And, MIT student, Stephanie Hartman, even fashioned a whole bedroom suite using recycled books for a school project.

So, next time you're thinking about unloading your unwanted books, try using them to make a wonderful and unique book creation instead!

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