Saturday, July 12, 2008


First a little background information:
My father is a fan of the "Wizard..." anything fantasy series genre. My mother, political non-fiction. In my 17 years of growing up in their home, I never knew romance novels existed outside of the classic "Jane Eyre", "Wuthering Height" variety.
I've lived away from my parents for almost 30 years now and don't see them terribly often due to geography and finances.
Now the story:
When I last visited the folks, now in their 60's, I happened to walk into "Dad's office" only to find a hardcover copy of Judith Krantz' Mistral's Daughter sitting on his desk with a bookmark in place.
After getting over the initial shock, I timidly approached my father.
"Dad? Are you reading a romance?"
"Yep. It's not bad."
OH NO!!!
And then all was put back into place when Mom chimed in with this explanation:
She was decorating the entry way of the house. So she and Dad headed to the discount bookstore in search of hardcover books with black spines and either gold or silver lettering after removing the dust jackets. When they got the books and were unpacking them Mom's keen I spotted the bright pink cover!
"I don't want people coming into my house thinking I'm reading that."
My dad's assigned punishment was to read that unwelcome tome.
Now it all makes sense. These are my parents!


Shana said...

What kind of contributions are you looking for? Book news, links to other reviews? Would contributions be posted only on Saturdays?

I'm interested in knowing more about what you have in mind!

NoBS said...

Hi Shana,

Thank you so much for visiting my blog and posting a comment.

I'm looking to add anecdotal story contributors to this particular blog and in return a link to their blog would be listed in the same place that the link for "NoBSBookReviews" is currently listed. All links would remain listed. Blogspot allows for up to 100 "authors" to be added to any site.

The "stories" don't need to be long at all, as short as a paragraph is fine, the only requirement is that they must be, somehow, book related and they must be humorous and/or lighthearted.

The hope is that this creates a bit of a ring bringing new readers to every contributor's own blog!

I hope that explains it for you! Oh! and yes, it would be Saturdays only. I thought for any contributors who work in bookstores or libraries it would be a good day to recall amusements related to what there doing and release some stress with some humor.

Thanks for asking and I hope you'll join in!


Nicole Maddock said...

Hi Nicole,

What a lovely name that we share! I would love to contribute to Saturday Silliness. I like that you want to keep it light-hearted and funny. I can't wait to read some of the other author's entries.

I better start working on my post for Saturday!

Let me know any other details.